Treatments and Services

Classical Homeopathic and Food Coaching
  • Homeopathic intake and assessment (2 hours)
  • Nutritional Assessment (30 minutes)
  • Homeopathic remedy

  • Supplement protocol (pdf format)

  • Dietary Guide (pdf format)

  • One follow up

Price: $300


Classical Homeopathic Assessment 
  • Homeopathic Intake and Assessment (2 hours)  

  • Homeopathic remedy 

  • Supplemental protocol (if applicable)

  • One follow up 

Price: $200

Nutritional and Diet Assessment
  • Nutritional Intake and Assessment (1.5 hours)
  • Supplemental Protocol (pdf format)
  • Dietary Guide (pdf format) 
  • One Follow up 
Price: $175
Follow ups:
Homeopathic: $100 / per hour 
Nutritional: $100/ per hour 
Food Coaching $60/ per hour
Homeopath Tanya


Depending on the season a varied line up of workshops and lunch and learns are available.  Topics may include: grocery shopping tours, fermentation classes, superfoods, quick meals for busy families.  

Price: may vary depending on the workshop please inquire within.